Excellence is our motivation; attention to detail & quality, our byword.

Genesis is a company dealing with corporate gifts and has been serving customers since 1990 in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, U.A.E as well as in Sugarland, U.S.A and in Mumbai, India.

We are committed to providing the most cost-effective & result-oriented products to suit every single need of your company. Gifts are a honourable gesture & speak the language of gratitude, reward & remembrance. In business etiquette these days, they are an absolute necessity and we are proud to say that Genesis is a `Solution Provider’ in the field of gift selection.

We take pride in being versatile and innovative, meeting the specific needs of a wide range of regional, national and international clients belonging to various institutions. To meet all your requirements, we have a professional, amicable and an e ective team equipped with a detailed catalogue, an impressive website and an e cient backend system. We can assure you an extensive range of designs, a quality unparalleled & a price that is competitive & a ordable.

Going an extra mile and to add to a touch of class, we also have in-house services of embroidery, etching, engraving, embossing/de-bossing, screen printing & UV printing for names or corporate logos. Regardless of the size of your purchase, each & every piece receives meticulous care & attention. We can ship to any local, regional or international location.

Apart from our expansive list of items displayed, our membership of the Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI), U.S.A and having a sourcing o ce in China enables us access to more than 250,000 additional products. Just let us know what you need and we will source it for you.

To help you make your best choice, Genesis awaits your call…….

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TX 77479, USA
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