Ordering Advertisement Gifts in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Reminding your customers that you are in business is critical to business development and expansion. The best way to expand your business is to advertise and you can do it by periodically placing advertisements in newspapers, magazines, billboards, television, and being present in social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But these are all centric to educating prospective and existing customers about your existing products as well as future product launches.

Advertisements placed in the print media lose their relevance very soon. However there are ways in which you can make your advertising budget work better for you by giving small gifts that customers will see every other day. Most of them are inexpensive but have a lasting effect on customers. Some of the gift items you can try are stationary, calendars, pen, pen stands and clocks. There are many advertising gift companies in Abu Dhabi & Dubai who can supply them to you.

Gifts are most effective when they reflect the theme of the recipient’s business. Not everything will work for everyone. For example a desk business card holder will work well for a medical professional, a T-shirts for painters, hand tools for a hardware store, decals for car owners and so on. For employees you can consider giving paper weights, picture frame, picnic bags, backpacks, crystal globe on base, laptop sleeve and many others. It is always best to have as many different items as you can.

When you choose advertising gift companies in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, check their credentials by talking to their existing customers. You must also see if they will maintain quality in every piece they supply to you. A poorly made gift item that loses its utility is a loss for you, and will reflect poorly upon your business. Most companies that have a good standing will be able to offer you hundreds and even thousands of items for you. If you plan to place a big order, you should insist on the company giving you a few samples which you can compare with bulk deliveries.

Some compliments are time sensitive, like calendars for example. If you plan to order calendars, see that you place the order at least couple months in advance, and that is because even a few days delay can render your gifts useless. When you order calendars, see to it that it reflects local themes; otherwise they may end up in the trash bin.

Before you order from advertising gift companies in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, check out prices in the internet and call for quotes from at least three companies. This is to ensure that you are not overcharged for your purchase. If you plan to distribute a large number of gifts to your prospective customers, then you should go by a budget. The value of the gift should be commensurate with the value of business you foresee from the recipient. If you plan to distribute the gift item by post, then, you should also calculate the cost of mailing. Bulky gifts are usually more difficult to deliver to customers.